Alaskan Homebrew Competition – Winners Announced


 Winners Announced in Alaskan Homebrew Competition


Alaskan Homebrew Competition 2018
Best of Show: Jamey Barlow, Vinyl
Best Beer of Special Ingredient Smoked Malt: Mike Cragen, German Smoked Salmon Bier
Honorable Mention Smoked Malt: David Howard, Double Down Smoked Amber
Gold: Jamey Barlow, Vinyl
Silver: Blake Hass, Berry Patch Sour
Bronze: Kent Ficek, Wild Orchard Oud Bruin
Golds: Kent Ficek & Jeff Rekowski, Sweet Heat It’s a Treat/ Cody Randall, Jala at Ya Boi
Silver: Matthew Moss, DD’s Lament
Bronze: David Howard, Imperial Basic Bitch
Gold: Mike Cragen, I Leicht the Bier
Silver: Ted Israelson & Scott Gray, Spruce Tip Lager
Bronze: Mike Cragen, Another Krappy Kolsch
Honorable Mention: Hanseath, Spectator #1
German Wheat:
Gold: Chris Miller, Weissbier
Silver: Scott Gray & Ted Israelson, Hefeweizen Spruce Tip
Bronze: Travis McClendon, Erstlingsbier
Golds: Braden Ohlsen, Red IPA/ Keith Linn, Shake
Silver: Adam Dipieto, New England DIPA
Bronze: Kent Ficek, James’ Giant Peach
American Beer:
Gold: Ryan Newcomer & Dustin Hopewell, M.I.A. Blonde
Silver: James Vanderwall, Alryte Amber
Bronze: Joyce & Steven Niven, White Diamond Wit
Gold: Tyler Israelson, Cran Spruce
Silver: Staci & Dan Miller, Bye Texas
Bronze: Tyler Israelson, Mix Berry Mead
Honorable Mention: John C Trapp, Raspberry Delight
Gold: Daryl M. McClendon, Wediculous Wonderful Wit
Silver: Blake Hass, Shades of Yellow
Bronze: Chris Miller, Belgian Dark Strong Ale/ Ted Israelson & Scott Gray, Belgian Tripel
Fruit Beers:
Gold: Keith Linn, B3
Silver: Braden Ohlsen, Raspberry Porter
Bronze: Hanseath, Valkrie’s Dirge
Gold: Mike Cragen, Rock, Flag & Eagle Pale
Silver: Travis Evans & Jay Menze, Rye Wheat APA
Bronze: David Howard, Azacca Pale Ale
Bock/Bitters/Wee Heavy/Barleywine:
Gold: Ryan Carter, What is a Schilling, Exactly?
Silvers: Braden Ohlsen, English Brown/ Mike Cragen, English Pommy-wine
Bronze: Mike Cragen, Barely Bitter Brit
Gold: Shannon Martin, Raw Ginger Cider
Silver: Rochele Knotthingham, Mango-tastic
Gold: Ashley King, Chocolate Porter
Silver: Mike Cragen, The Intimidator
Bronze: Roy N. Pace, Baltic Porter