Big Mountain Pale Ale

Big Mountain Pale Ale

Pale Ale

American Pale Ales were first developed in the United States in the late 1970s and early eighties. They feature American hops that distinguish them from British or European pale ales, with a milder bite than India Pale Ales, or IPAs.


Pouring clear and light copper in color, Big Mountain Pale has three domestic malt varieties providing firm footing for the distinct flavor and aroma of dry-hopped Simcoe and Mosaic. Notes of Asian pear, pine, and lemon in the aroma are answered by the toasted nut, biscuit and toffee malt. The crisp flavor is distinct from the aroma, with pleasantly strong herbal notes and hints of complex tropical fruit.


Big Mountain is brewed with Juneau’s glacier-fed water, domestic malts, 3 additions of hops in the kettle, and dry hopped with Mosaic and Simcoe hops.


  • Original Gravity: 1.050
  • ABV: 5.7%
  • Bitterness: 45 IBU
  • Color: 15 SRM


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Big Mountain Pale Ale is a refreshing brew that will go well with the best pub fare, king crab or Alaskan halibut fish and chips.


Big Mountain Pale Ale was our 2015 Spring Seasonal, and has more recently found a home in the Boundary Range Hop Pack. Now by popular demand, it’s available year-round.

The Story Behind the Label

Big Mountains are a defining feature of Alaska, from the highest peak in North America – Denali – to the coastal mountain ranges that run the outer coast of the Southeast panhandle. Big Mountain climbing and riding is a term used by extreme mountain athletes, who constantly challenge themselves on the terrain found in Alaska. Big Mountain Pale Ale pays tribute to those stunning geographic features that are found nowhere else and to the explorers and adventurers who journey into the Alaska wilderness on a quest to find the steepest chutes and most radical lines.