Heritage Coffee Brown Ale – draft-only, Alaska-only

Heritage Coffee Brown Ale – draft-only, Alaska-only

Fall Seasonal: Heritage Coffee Brown Ale

This rich brown ale has a big cocoa aroma with light earthy roasted and gourmet coffee notes.


This rich brown ale has a big cocoa aroma with light earthy roasted and gourmet coffee notes. The flavor has a light sweetness with fruity hazelnut and medium coffee flavors. There is a deep coffee base, without an overwhelming coffee flavor that allows the brown ale and a hint of Cascade and Calypso hops to shine through.


English malted oats, English chocolate malt and pale malt roasted with coffee beans at Heritage coffee company; Cascade and Calypso hops, and additions of hand-picked Brazilian coffee.


  • Original Gravity: 1.071
  • ABV: 7.0%
  • Bitterness: 19 IBU
  • Color: 25 SRM


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A malty sweet English ale base is the perfect backbone to this unique coffee creation. 


Alaskan brewers worked with Juneau’s own Heritage Coffee to choose the coffee added to this mild brown ale, and in the collaboration came up with a technique to bring a subtle coffee flavor throughout the brewing process. Heritage Coffee allowed our brewers to roast some of our pale malt in their roaster, thereby infusing the malt with the rich taste of premium coffee. This is an unusual process that resulted in a coffee beer like no other – light in body but rich in velvety coffee aroma and taste.

Roasters at Heritage led our brewers through cuppings on a variety of coffees, and helped choose the specific coffee added to the ale at multiple stages of brewing. Added to the kettle boil and the end of fermentation was a Brazilian variety called Paixao, which was also used at the finishing stage of the brew. Paixao coffee brings flavors of caramel, honey and marzipan to the overall profile and is grown on sustainable farms using traditional methods of hand sorting and harvesting.


The Story Behind the Label

The Tongass National Forest surrounds Alaskan Brewing’s hometown of Juneau, and in that forest is Admiralty Island, just to the west, which is home to the largest concentration of bears anywhere in the world. An estimated 1,700 Alaskan Brown Bears live on this island, at an average of one bear per square mile. Because of the abundance of food including berries, deer and a large number of salmon streams, and due to the protection of the Admiralty Island National Monument which covers most of the island, the bear population continues to thrive and has remained relatively constant for centuries. The beauty of the island continues to attract campers, and many a morning brew has been interrupted by a curious Ursus arctos alascensis.