Pilot Series: Smack of Grapefruit IPA

Pilot Series: Smack of Grapefruit IPA

Smack of Grapefruit IPA

The American IPA is a more flavorful, intense IPA. Hops are typically American, as in this case, with the Three-C combo of Citra, Centennial and Cascade exhibiting bright, juicy citrus flavors.


With the bright, tangy punch of grapefruit, coupled with the Three-C hop combination of Citra, Centennial and Cascade, the flavor of the beer is unmistakably citrusy and juicy. This IPA also has a generous helping of rye in the malt build, to bring out a slight pepperiness at the finish.


All Alaskan beers start with our glacier-fed water from the Juneau Icefield and our exclusive ale yeast that is a hallmark of the Alaskan style. From there, the ingredient list includes ripe grapefruit, Citra, Cascade and Centennial Hops, premium two-row pale, wheat, crystal wheat, acidulated and rye. 


  • Original Gravity: 1.059
  • ABV: 7.2%
  • Bitterness: 45 IBU
  • Color: 18 SRM


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A unique grapefruit IPA that has just enough bitterness to smack your taste buds with bright, dry tartness.


Alaskan brewers set out on a quest to brew up a hop-forward beer with a smooth malt body and just enough grapefruit to provide a lip-smacking experience. In the spirit of exploration, and as a challenge to their skill, they sought to maximize the flavor of grapefruit and complement it with hop varieties that accentuate citrus. The result is a well-balanced beer that showcases not just the zesty flavor of grapefruit but also captures its aroma.

The Story Behind the Label

There isn’t a single citrus tree in the wilds of Alaska, which is why our brewers craved an IPA packed with citrus tanginess in the brew. The recipe they hit on was a unique grapefruit IPA that had just enough bitterness to smack your tastebuds with a bright, dry, tartness. This smack of flavor inspired the artwork and the name behind this beer. A “smack” of jellyfish is the name given to a large grouping of the gelatinous invertebrates. Alaska is home to the jellyfish pictured on the label, the northern sea nettle, which is native to the north Pacific and parts of the Arctic ocean.