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The Alaskan Brew Crew:

Dedicated to Living Life Alaskan.

A flair for life—and beer

The Alaskan Brew Crew is a diverse bunch with many interests and talents. Before joining Alaskan Brewing, crew members have held a number of unusual job titles including a tugboat deckhand, cheesemaker, commercial fisherman and horse logger. Our crew has lived and traveled all over the world-from Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, to Berlin to Tanzania.


Our adventurous crew lives life to the fullest. Snowboarding in April? Check. Wakeboarding in January? Yep. Kayaking in the shadow of a glacier? You bet. Homebrewing with indigenous plants and berries? Of course. Parasailing on mountain currents, scuba diving for king crab, climbing mountains, fishing for salmon and halibut, whitewater rafting-the list is endless.


We employ people who have a flair for life. What keeps the Brew Crew together is a love of where we live and what we do, and that passion shows in our beer.

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